Portfolio Update: September 2015

My second portfolio update. Less exciting times.

As I wrote last month, this portfolio (the Investicles Wealthbuilder Alpha-Bet Low-Vol Secret Squirrel Partnership) is my general equity portfolio.

(And there are no other equity portfolios.)

This is the monthly post where I record what’s happened and what I could be doing better.

Let the share see the dividend…

Value at the start of the month:

  • Cash value: £9,027.44
  • Unit value: £95.86
  • Number of units: 94.17


  • £300 regular transfer from current account

Shares bought:

  • 1090 shares of Rotork plc at 183p per share (17 Sept) = £1,998.68
  • 20 shares of Admiral Group plc at 1491p per share (23 Sept) = £298.15
  • 206 shares of ITE Group plc at 145p (23 Sept) = £298.72
  • 39 shares of IG Group Holdings plc at 756p per share (23 Sept) = £294.92
  • 38 shares of Petrofac Limited at 773p per share (23 Sept) = £293.86

Total consideration paid: £3,184.33

The prices above include dealing costs and stamp duty. In total these fees came to £30.31 (0.95% of the consideration paid)

Shares sold

  • None (I’m a buy and hold investor!)

Dividends paid

  • Rotork: £12.40 (on my original 636 shares – this month’s purchases were after the ex-dividend date)

Value at the end of the month:

  • Cash value: £11,577.50
  • Unit value: £90.08 (-6% on the month)
  • Number of units: 128.53


A(nother!) volatile month for global stock (and other markets).

Against a backdrop of general volatility (which means “falling prices”), Rotork released a trading update that verged on the profit warning. The shares promptly lost around 10% of their value.

Despite being aware of the (clichéd) warning around catching a falling knife, my gut (don’t trust your gut) told me that this was an opportunity to get in on a high quality company.

In the context of a 20-year investment horizon (yes, seriously), I think (hope) the current oil & gas sector difficulties will be a ‘blip’ for a company like Rotork (which serves other sectors as well).

So I plunged with an additional ~£2,000 investment at 183p (net) a share. And the shares promptly fell into the 160s…

Still, I write this update 10 days into October, and there has been something of a small market-wide rally, which makes my Rotork plunge/knife catch appear to be an astute investment decision. (Note to self: short term share price moves do not mark you out as a genius.)

Things I Am Thinking About (Of A Personal Finance Nature)

Investing For My Children

Following on from my ISA consolidation last month, I’ve been looking at my kids’ savings and investments this month.

I opened a Junior ISA (with Hargreaves Lansdown) for my daughter, who is too young to have a Child Trust Fund. I printed a form that will allow me to transfer my son’s CTF into a Junior ISA (again I plan to do this with HL).

The plan is simply to invest in index-tracking ETFs with a combo of regular investments and birthday / Christmas money lump sums (if/when they get them).

Time is the investor’s friend…

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