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Black Friday versus Black Wednesday (Or When Is A Sale Not A Sale)

I write to you from my garret in early December. The Christmas buying season is upon us.

Visitors from the future, let it be known that in this year, 2013, the United Kingdom (Royaume-Uni, nil points) enjoyed its first Black Friday.

This glorious institution, imported from the United States, involves retailers slashing prices across the board on what is, for us, a random Friday in November (I appreciate that in the US, it’s the ‘dead day’ between Thanksgiving on Thursday and the following weekend*).

We were treated to scenes of visceral consumerism and supermarket fighting. A joyful time of year. Continue reading

Purpose Of The Investicles Blog

The Purpose Of The Investicles Blog

This blog is primarily to introduce accountability into my investment process (insofar as I have an ‘investment process’).

Too often have I bought shares hastily, on a whim or a tip, fearful that I was about to miss out on a sizeable gain, only to see the investment languish or, worse, plummet.

In some cases it has taken only a few moments of post-trade research [shakes head sadly at the concept] to discover the business frailty that was causing the market to value the shares so cheaply.

The purpose of this blog is to: Continue reading